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gimme cucumbers *

Japan has done it again– having come up with another wonderful gadget for our world and this time it has to do with hearts, stars, and cucumbers. Yeah, that’s what I said…CUCUMBERS.


Here’s how it works:

When the cucumber is still small it is put into a heart shaped container and allowed to grow. In Japan they call it heart-stick and it can be found in supermarkets throughout Tokyo Midtown, Ropongi. Stars and Hearts appear when you cut the cucumbers and these shaped veggies can be used in your favorite stir-fry, or for the child in all of us it’s a perfect memento reminding us of how fun snacks can be!



Stay off your feet


a collection of odd footwear

Sandals, Flip flops, bare-feet: the LA heat allows many of us to wear things we would otherwise not be permitted to prance around in. In honor of LA weather, I’d like to share some odd footwear I’ve discovered…perhaps even keeping you off your feet and in a pool wearing nothing but your own footsies instead.

Enjoy the selected oddities, and DO BRACE YOURSELF.




What a way to go. A July flashback.
A 29-year-old man suffered a horrifying death when he fell into a vat of molten chocolate in mid-July.

Timothy Smith II of Camden, N.J., suffered fatal injuries after falling into an 8-foot mixing vat when he was loading chocolate at a Cocoa Services, Inc., plant in Camden. Smith, a temporary worker, was hit by the mixer’s agitator. Camden County officials say a co-worker shut down the machine and two others tried to pull him out, but it was too late.

And for the oh-so-curious…the chocolate was Hershey’s bound.

dining in the dark

Last night my friends and I ate in the dark (purposefully) at the LA restaurant OPAQUE.



Instructed to take off all watches, turn off all cell phones so as not to light up a single object in the room, we were in for quite an experience. At first, we made simple mistakes: picking up balls of butter in place of olives and tipping over a glass of wine. But this was all part of the bizarre experience. As explained by one of them, the food was tastier than ever because there were no distractions. All of the waitstaff are legally blind, maneuvering through the space with ease and grace! By the end of the evening one of them jokingly said that everything had soon become “finger food”.

I recommend this to anyone who wants to have a fine dine.

Dark dining restaurants are located in Paris, London and all over Europe and China. The first one was opened in Zurich by a blind minister. Menus are useless so diners order before going in. Three courses cost about $100, plus dry cleaning ; ) seeing that you’ll probably leave with some pasta sauce on your collar or lap!

8401 Sunset blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90069
(800) 710-1270
Open Daily 7pm-10:30pm

I see a red door and I want it painted black

i like Keith.

As you know, Keith Haring was able to paint on anything and make it look beautiful. Having first started his career sprawling his prodigious line work in the New York subway system he went on to form an incredible international art career in his devastatingly short lifespan.

And that’s why when his art is ON the body, I expect a job well done.

Sorry little lady but sloppy here is a grave impropriety.

…then again it’s pretty hard to carry-on with grace when in the shadow of GRACE.

When Keith painted Grace Jones for her music video “I’m Not Perfect” the results were undoubtedly sexy:

i declare a perfect match: celebrity art collectors

I declare:

CELEBRITY ART COLLECTORS a taste of the gods.

A recent list of 20 celebrity art collectors has been released and FactoryFlux has chosen to highlight some of our favorite pairings of celebrities and the artists that they’ve chosen to collect. We’ve even crowned David Bowie as the “King” due to his exquisite taste!


This Hell-of-a-Man has chosen to spend the largest sums on the rarest works, from some of History’s darkest masters.

I like how Gothic your sensibility is Mr. Bowie.BOWIE


“It’s wonderful to have Monsieur Vincent Van Gogh in my living room.” –Taylor



In typical British fashion, the Beckham’s choose one of their best.



In fashion there are no faux-pas.


It’s a Man’s world.


–a match made in heaven–

i’m falling into grace

a comparison of trips, stumbles, and falls through all walks of life.

Who did it better, the dear or the deer?

buy a mayan temple!

Absurd Mayan Temple FOR SALE!!!

Have you ever dreamed of living in a house designed by Frank Lloyd Wright? how’s about a Mayan Temple? The Ennis house is nestled high in the Los Angeles hills in *posh* Los Feliz and now that it’s FO’ SALE! it’s all yours.

Since 1924 when it was built, The Ennis House has captivated a special place in the mind of creative Angelenos.. Have you seen Blade Runner? That huge temple where everything happens IS the ENNIS HOUSE!

At FIFTEEN MILLION DOLLARS, you’ve gotta be a pretty loaded cat to perch up in this joint.

diggin’ moon lee

Moon Lee, who’s she?

What Moon does…

“Moon Lee is China’s baddest lady of the sliver screen. Moon is an actress from Hong King who frequently played roles related to the action and martial arts genre in TV serials and films. She was particularly notable in the sub-genre known as GIRLS WITH GUNS.”

evades explosions.
jumps out of windows.
kills the bad.
saves the good.

I’m so goth, even my t.p. is black! :_(

…at around $7 a roll for this toilet paper the results are almost as useful as a chalk drawing on white paper. And how can you tell what’s there and what’s NOT?

The elasticity of toilet paper’s price is a favorite topic amongst economists—but that’s not really what we’re here for {*BORING*}.

We’re here to say OMG OMG this toilet paper is $7 a roll! Either that’s really cool (the fact that one could indulge so much in such a stupid area) or it’s really terrible/totally crazy AND stupid that such a thing exists. But in the end someone probably has to do this…I’m sure somewhere out there exists the world’s most expensive blog…

Sometimes people with too much money are dumb? And sometimes dumb ideas make people rich?

I wanna know: HOW TO hold a snake

yes, a snake.

snake1. Um, it’s pretty common sense. Get some HELP people. If the snake is over 6 feet long, you’ll need another person there for sure. Many deaths and injuries are caused by a person trying to handle a large snake; if the snake gets scared, it may constrict, and you will need someone else to help get it off. If you’re smaller than average in stature, don’t even handle a 4-5 ft snake on your own.

2. So you wanna wash your hands before handling your snake. If you have scents on you that the snake may mistake for food smells, you could get a feeding response. (Uh Oh!) Snakes are not very bright and if your hand smells like your pet kitty then it may think it is a juicy tasty CAT.

3. Announce your presence. SCREAM if you gotta! Whatever you do you don’t want to surprise the snake when you reach in to pick it up, so use a combination of sound and touch to let the snake know you’re there. Gently tap the cage and look for a tongue flick to indicate that the snake senses something. Then touch the snake’s body gently (not the head).

4. This also ensures that the snake is awake. The best time to handle a snake is during a time of day when it is lethargic…sleepy eyes let you know it ; )

*TIP* Avoid handling a snake that’s just eaten or is about to shed.

5. Lift the snake. Slip one hand about 1/3 of the way down the snake’s body and begin to lift it up slowly. Put your other hand under the last 1/4 of the snake to support its weight fully. If it’s a constrictor snake, it’s likely wrap its tail around your wrist and forearm; let it do this. Just make sure it doesn’t coil around both hands, your neck, or your chest.

6. As you’re holding the snake, you can move around, just move slowly to avoid startling it. Stay calm and relaxed. Snakes like warm places so they might like to crawl under and around your shirt, it’ll be ok though. If your snake attempt to crawl onto a part of your body where you do not want it to go, or if it attempts to climb off of you, gently slide your hand under the snake and reposition its body till you feel fine again.

7. Keep the petting session short. Snakes are not social animals. A snake sees petting differently than dogs and cats. Prolonged handling can be stressful to them. Keep your petting sessions to 10-30 minutes a day. If you hold the snake too much it will get stressed.

8. Return your snake to its cage by slowly lowering it in. Let it move out of your hands to a branch or the cage on its own. Secure the lid when you are done, since snakes can be great escape artists.

9. Wash your hands again. Reptiles can carry germs that are not safe for humans. Immediately wash your hands when you are done handling your snake.