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The best place to see the sunset in LA

One of the best views of an LA sunset, if you’re not at the beach of course, is from the Barnsdall house in Los Feliz. Esteban and I went there today after trying on some animal masks at RITEAID. The sun was blazing hot and red and you could feel it from the lawn of Frank Lloyd Wright’s barnsdall house. Do it, see it, feel it. It’s so rad.

4800 Hollywood Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA‎ – (213) 473-8457‎

Visit to Visalia: Rocky Hill & the Nickel Arcade

We made a quick run to Esteban’s home town of Visalia this weekend to get our furry friend’s, Alaska and Hunahpu back. They stayed at the Schimpf hotel while we were in Hawaii for the last month. I must say, a month in one room with lots to eat has made them very unnattractive, lethargic, and fat

I took the train to Fresno for just one night to see my Aunt who is residing there temporarily. She’s amazing and makes the best middle eastern food I have ever had. I expected my visit to Fresno to be spent in the house but upon my arrival I was told that I would be going to a wedding that night. Such short notice for a wedding! My aunt dressed me in her favorite gowns and we were off to see the wedding. Upon entering the banquet hall, I could hear 50 cent’s, Outta Control, filling the room and to my amazement the hall was filled solely with women between 16 to 85 years old dancing, singing, and getting their groove on, with more energy than I have ever seen displayed on a dance floor. The groom was nowhere to be seen, and the bride was in the center of 100+ women dancing dancing dancing. This was no co-ed wedding, this was GIRLS NIGHT.

I went back to Visalia the next day and the first stop we made was to Rocky Hill where a gorgeous sunset shone across the valley floor, making visible both mountain ranges on either side of us. The site was spectacular as many visits to Visalia have been. There is so much verdant land in the area with a landscape that is breathtaking, from the lakes to the mountains. We stayed til dark counting mushrooms and rocks on the walk back down to our car.

We ate a yummy rotiserie chicken for dinner that night and asked to be excused from the dinner table a bit early in hopes to visit the Nickel arcade before 10pm closing time. The rest of the night was spent playing Area 51 with my partner in crime! And..Back to LA by 6 in the morning.

Openings in Chinatown

Last night I hung out in Chinatown. In typical Chinatown fashion (i should say in typical LA fashion), upon arriving to Chinatown I was immediately greeted by the following message painted in white on the newly renovated restaurant near chung king plaza:

“A Best Seller Movie by Jackie Chan RUSH HOUR was shot here.”

This was no Lawrence Weiner. If you haven’t seen it, you really should.

Anyhow, back to the openings. There were a number of openings, one at Cottage Home involved an elaborate movie set with photos of faux-dead people mounted beneath shiny, plexiglass surfaces. The installation was great and I recognized a friend of mine, Ian Hokin, playing the role of one of the dead specimens. Shimmer, Blood, and Gloss. Around the corner over at Thomas Solomon gallery was the opening reception of artist, Josh Manis’ new show entitled, “Variations”. The quiet, poetic watercolors/drawings flanked each of the side walls of the gallery while an army of red-white-and-blue masked men did aerobics swiftly and sweatily. The masked men were to die for, and their faces expressed just that.

Michele O'Marah, A Girl's Gotta Do What A Girl's Gotta Do, Kathryn Brennan Gallery, Cottage Home

JOSH MANNIS, High Noon 2, 2009 Ink on paper Diptych; 44 x 32 inches each Frame: 48 x 68 inches

On my way out of Chinatown, I couldn’t resist the glowing marble statues over on hill street. From buddha to the David..the options are endless.

the diamond in the rough …where modern cats do their business

The litter box has undergone years of renovation. Nowadays it’s an asset to the home..seen in the form of a planter, a mod piece of furniture or even a cabinet– It’s there but not.

it’s the diamond in the rough or perhaps the other way around…the rough in the diamond.