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Oscars & Pizza

Oscar’s and pizza at our house. We’re gonna have 3 giant pizzas. Let’s do this superbowl style– bring beer and some eats. Let’s see who wins.

3454 waverly drive, 90027

March 7 · 5:00pm – 10:00pm

The Eternal Reoccurence of Everything

Berliner, Sonja Gerdes, has curated a show at workspace. Tonight’s agenda is filled but this is on my to-do, must-do list. Put it on yours.

Yeah Sonja!


“The Eternal Reoccurrence of Everything”

March 6th – March 27th
opening reception: March 6th, 7-10 pm
curated by Sonja Gerdes

Cristian Andersen
Kerstin Brätsch
Hansjoerg Dobliar
Cayetano Ferrer
Sonja Gerdes
Surya Gied
Lucia Glass
Sayre Gomez
Gregor Hildebrandt
Olaf Holzapfel
Ellen Kenney
Johannes Kullen
Stefan Lenhart
Josh Mannis
Patrick Fabian Panetta
Arnd Seibert
Benedikt Terwiel
Johannes Weiß
Alexander Wolff
Bobbi Woods
Markus Zimmermann

Sonja Gerdes is an artist from Berlin, living in LA since June 2009.
The artists involved in “The Eternal Reoccurrence of Everything” live in Berlin, Munich, New York and Los

Sequoia National Park – Celebration

Employment is rough in a new city, especially right now with the economy and it’s tumble fumble rumble. But, today Esteban and I returned from a vacation to Sequoia National Park as we celebrated the offer of my new job as a Technology Coordinator with Hulu.

Our trip was amazing. The trees were asleep under snow. It was the first time I had ever gone cross-country skiing, more like cross country slipping. We danced on ice, howled like wolves, traveled to the base of General Sherman (the largest non-clonal thing by volume), and left foot prints everywhere we went. It’s an incredible thought to think that the largest thing on earth has spent it’s whole life standing in one place..POWER TO YOU SEQUOIA.

The park is great, and I highly recommend heading out there during this time of the year. Esteban grew up right down the hill from the majestic mountain. I’m so happy he shared this place with me, I’ll be here every year now!

Work starts tomorrow, wish me luck : )

I could stay here forever

Howl like a wolf

Slip, fall, conquer

Standing Tall!

The drive home

Daniel Berger – special visit LA

A great man came to town this weekend, my good friend, Dr. Daniel Berger. Dan is an inventor, a doctor, an art collector, enthusiast, and a free-spirited man who often help my best friend, Esteban and I open our eyes wider than usual. His visit really put a flame under our asses as we attempted to visit as many art institutions in Los Angeles in the 3 days he spent here.

Here’s what we covered:

1. Dan Graham Gallery – Michael Decker’s Opening

2. 533

3. The Geffen

4. Moca

5. The Getty

6. The Griffith Park Observatory

7. Culver city

We did a lot but not everything, it looks like Dan will have to pay us another incredible visit to this big city. Art is beautiful but exhausting. Cheers to a fabulous weekend Doc, and that new Noah Davis painting you acquired (my favorite one in his solo show at Roberts & Tilton). AMAZING -xos

p.s. we had brunch at Cafe Tropical every morning, ay yay yay!

Griffith park love - i'm never the tallest

Nan, Dan's favorite artist, Dan's favorite friend

Good Art

Samson and the jaw bone (one of my favorite paintings in the collection), The Getty

Eyes Wide Open ❤

Nguzunguzu and DJ Total Freedom - The Geffen VIP night

Paul McCarthy, fallen world, wild xmas