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gimme cucumbers *

Japan has done it again– having come up with another wonderful gadget for our world and this time it has to do with hearts, stars, and cucumbers. Yeah, that’s what I said…CUCUMBERS.


Here’s how it works:

When the cucumber is still small it is put into a heart shaped container and allowed to grow. In Japan they call it heart-stick and it can be found in supermarkets throughout Tokyo Midtown, Ropongi. Stars and Hearts appear when you cut the cucumbers and these shaped veggies can be used in your favorite stir-fry, or for the child in all of us it’s a perfect memento reminding us of how fun snacks can be!



Stay off your feet


a collection of odd footwear

Sandals, Flip flops, bare-feet: the LA heat allows many of us to wear things we would otherwise not be permitted to prance around in. In honor of LA weather, I’d like to share some odd footwear I’ve discovered…perhaps even keeping you off your feet and in a pool wearing nothing but your own footsies instead.

Enjoy the selected oddities, and DO BRACE YOURSELF.