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I’m so goth, even my t.p. is black! :_(

…at around $7 a roll for this toilet paper the results are almost as useful as a chalk drawing on white paper. And how can you tell what’s there and what’s NOT?

The elasticity of toilet paper’s price is a favorite topic amongst economists—but that’s not really what we’re here for {*BORING*}.

We’re here to say OMG OMG this toilet paper is $7 a roll! Either that’s really cool (the fact that one could indulge so much in such a stupid area) or it’s really terrible/totally crazy AND stupid that such a thing exists. But in the end someone probably has to do this…I’m sure somewhere out there exists the world’s most expensive blog…

Sometimes people with too much money are dumb? And sometimes dumb ideas make people rich?

oh my, BIGFOOT!

BIGFOOT the truck
Bob Chandler, YOU BIG MAN YOU!

A former construction worker from the St. Louis, Missouri, Bob Chandler began building the first Bigfoot in 1975. We’re not talking about some mytholgical beast with fur, this ‘Bigfoot’ is THE orignal monster truck.

It’s so good!

IT makes the family smile (wife & kidz)bigfoot1

IT keeps a MAN working bigfoot2


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