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dining in the dark

Last night my friends and I ate in the dark (purposefully) at the LA restaurant OPAQUE.



Instructed to take off all watches, turn off all cell phones so as not to light up a single object in the room, we were in for quite an experience. At first, we made simple mistakes: picking up balls of butter in place of olives and tipping over a glass of wine. But this was all part of the bizarre experience. As explained by one of them, the food was tastier than ever because there were no distractions. All of the waitstaff are legally blind, maneuvering through the space with ease and grace! By the end of the evening one of them jokingly said that everything had soon become “finger food”.

I recommend this to anyone who wants to have a fine dine.

Dark dining restaurants are located in Paris, London and all over Europe and China. The first one was opened in Zurich by a blind minister. Menus are useless so diners order before going in. Three courses cost about $100, plus dry cleaning ; ) seeing that you’ll probably leave with some pasta sauce on your collar or lap!

8401 Sunset blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90069
(800) 710-1270
Open Daily 7pm-10:30pm